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Tenders and Bidding

Win New Business with Optibus at your Side

The same valuable scheduling resources that are used to ensure day to day operation are required to win new business. You need to correctly model your service needs in terms of vehicles, vehicle types, drivers and costs. In short,  bidding for a tender requires  the ability to create multiple scenarios is a short time and to compare them based on business metrics, choosing the best option. 

This is what Optibus was built for: the power, scale and speed of Optibus make bidding faster & more accurate so you can control your new business better.

Change the rules of the game: Prepare a bid within a week

With many RFPs and tenders each year, it takes considerable time and effort to respond and manage the bidding process. Optibus lets you submit a (winning) bid within a week, and to accurately understand the obligations and operational costs associated with it. 

It lets you create a full schedule for each tender, modelling any rules or service preferences, from different driver groups to practically anything you can think of, such as relief vehicles and more.

Our OnTime functionality will help you form schedules and improve them in accordance with the likelihood of on-time performance for each one of the blocks, meeting requirements for service levels along time points.

Why use Optibus for tenders?

  • Quick and accurate tender responses
  • Ability to evaluate and compare multiple schedule scenarios based on business metrics, in a fast and accurate manner
  • Insight into required vehicles, drivers and cost
  • Valuable access to Optibus Customer Success personnel and best practices

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