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Route planning and optimization software

Our route planning software offers a holistic solution for all your strategic and operational transportation planning needs, in one convenient place.

Transportation planning software that makes it easier to create better routes and timetables

With Optibus’ route planning and optimization software, you can easily plan, analyze, and optimize your entire transportation network with unprecedented speed and accuracy. Our Planning product offers a holistic solution for all your strategic and operational transportation planning needs, in one convenient place — improving visibility and efficiency across your organization.

Route planning and analysis

With detailed map, satellite, and street-level data, you can view every detail of your route as you plan your network. Instantly verify bus stop locations, adjust their location, drop checkpoints to automatically add a stop, and our system will create an optimal route passing through it.
Our Ridership Insights feature gives you vital insights into how your routes are performing. See your ridership KPIs on a route, segment, and stop level (with boarding and alighting stats) — filtered by route, day, and time — and leverage this data to adjust your routes as needed.
View demographic data on the map with our Geospatial Suite to create equitable routes and understand how different demographic groups will be impacted. Plus, leverage the power of GIS data to view safety hotspots, low clearances, bike paths, rail networks, schools, and more.
Our new Performance Suite helps you improve and analyze your OTP like never before. Calculate how likely you are to arrive at your stops on time — or even adjust trip times based on your OTP goals. View your performance data directly on the map with vehicle replays, to quickly identify areas with poor performance.

Timetable creation and optimization

Build and adjust your timetables with ease

Create timetables for your entire transit network in seconds — easily define frequencies and service IDs, and add stops, timepoints, patterns, and checkpoints, all in one convenient place. You can even create route variations (for rush hour, weekends, special events, and more).

Maximize efficiency, maintain service quality

With our Timetable Optimization feature, you can reduce your operational costs, while meeting ridership needs. Save valuable guessing time trying to manually offset trips, and quickly test out scenarios to see how they affect your business metrics (like PVR, vehicle efficiency, and costs).

Better Plans = Better Scheduling

Ensure the quality of your timetables with built-in validations that automatically highlight which elements aren’t valid based on the rules and preferences you’ve defined. Then, seamlessly sync your optimal timetable into our Scheduling module, resulting in better quality schedules.

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