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Driver App​

A new mobile app that makes communication between drivers and the depot smoother than ever

Empower Drivers.
Simplify Allocation.

Designed for and together with bus drivers, the app gives drivers easy access to all the information they need before and after their shifts. 

Improve communication
with drivers

When drivers and allocators collaborate efficiently, you’ll create ideal work schedules that suit both drivers and your company. This leads to happier drivers, allocators, and passengers!


Deliver pre-shift information, such as bus location, route overview, and more, to drivers when they need it.


Send alerts to drivers about changes in service plans, keeping them in the loop and enabling them to adapt quickly.


Build better relationships with drivers and improve driver recruitment and retention.

Create Flexibility

Use the Driver App to create a more dynamic operation. Digitalize key information and job-related actions to give drivers a more flexible work environment and enable depots to respond faster to issues as they arise.


Consider each driver's unique needs when creating assignments.


Provide virtual access to work schedules, timesheets, and work history, all in one user-friendly digital space.


Save drivers time and energy by enabling remote sign-ons.

Balance drivers’ needs with operational goals

Empower depot managers to customize shifts, integrate with payroll, make data-driven decisions, and gain valuable operational insights for optimized performance. 


Customize shift settings to align with your depot's specific requirements and KPIs.


Integrate the app with payroll and HR systems.


Make data-driven decisions that improve resource management and operational outcomes.


Connect to Optibus Operations to visualize how changes impact cost, efficiency, and overall operation.


Yes, you can customize your Driver App settings for things like not allowing change requests to be approved automatically, or the ability for your drivers to sign on remotely.
No. The number of users for the Driver App is unlimited.
Location is not needed for any of the functionalities at this time.
The Optibus Driver App is a connected feature of Optibus Operations and works smoothly with other systems you already use, such as payroll and HR, streamlining work processes and making everyone’s lives much easier.

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