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Case Study

Enhancing driver communication and satisfaction using the Optibus Driver App

Learn how Transportes Sul do Tejo S.A. in Portugal improved the satisfaction of their drivers by opting for more transparency and visibility in driver communication using the Optibus Driver App.

Friday, November 03, 2023


T. S. T. Transportes Sul do Tejo, S. A. (TST), a leading passenger transportation provider based in the Lisbon Metropolitan Area of Portugal, began their digital transformation journey several years ago, embracing new technological advancements to enable their business to grow. As part of this evolution, the company introduced the Optibus Driver App, a robust driver-depot communication and management tool designed to streamline interaction, enhance transparency, and improve overall employee satisfaction. 

This case study explores the challenges faced by TST and the impact of the Optibus Driver App as a solution.


Prior to the introduction of the Driver App, TST relied on traditional methods such as paper print-outs and text messages to communicate with drivers. These methods often lead to confusion about exact vehicle allocation at the start of duty and inefficiencies in how depots communicate with drivers. 

“Our previous communication methods were limited and created numerous challenges for both drivers and controllers. We needed a solution that offered comprehensive information in real-time, enhancing the overall driver experience,” Duarte Cunha, Planning and Operations Manager at TST.


To address these challenges, TST collaborated closely with Optibus on the design and development of a new driver-depot communication tool. As one of the design partners for the Optibus Driver App, TST provided valuable insights and ideas that enabled the app to respond directly to real-world issues that allocators, depot managers, and drivers face on the ground in depots around the world. 

According to Duarte, “Being a design partner allowed us to tailor the Driver App according to our specific needs. We actively contributed to its development, ensuring it met the unique requirements of our drivers and operational processes.”

The Driver App was meticulously designed to encompass all necessary functionalities, including providing drivers with access to their duties, schedules, payroll information, and real-time vehicle assignments with real-time updates. 

The Optibus Driver App gives bus drivers full visibility into their shifts and any possible shift changes, as well as vehicle allocation details before starting their shift.

Because the app is easy to use and navigate, TST has been able to onboard 80% of their drivers – about 600 people – to the app in only four weeks. Controllers are already seeing better communication between drivers and the depot, with the App reducing calls from drivers to the control center and schedulers by fifty percent.

“We have received very positive feedback from our drivers about the Optibus Driver App,” said Duarte. “All around, the Driver App is making the work experience better and more organized for everyone.”

Impact and Benefits

The implementation of the Optibus Driver App has transformed driver communication and satisfaction at TST. Drivers have embraced the App enthusiastically and are actively engaging with it multiple times a day. 

According to Duarte, “The Driver App not only streamlined communication but also empowered our drivers with unprecedented transparency. They now have access to essential information in real-time, allowing them to plan their schedules and personal lives more effectively.” 

The Driver App’s real-time updates have helped drivers to achieve a better work-life balance, enabling them to plan their personal lives more effectively since work shifts are better communicated, resulting in enhanced workplace satisfaction. Moreover, digital documentation of payroll information streamlined HR administrative processes.


The Optibus Driver App makes it easier for bus drivers to plan ahead, leading to a better work-life-balance and more overall job satisfaction.

The introduction of the Optibus Driver App at TST marked a pivotal moment in the company’s ability to enhance driver satisfaction. By addressing challenges associated with traditional communication methods, TST improved transparency and reduced operational complexities. 

“Our collaboration with Optibus and the development of the Driver App exemplify our commitment to providing our drivers with the best tools and resources. This initiative has not only enhanced communication but also contributed significantly to our drivers’ job satisfaction,” Duarte noted.

TST’s proactive approach as a design partner not only resolved operational issues but also laid the foundation for a more agile operation in the future. Looking ahead, Optibus aims to continue enriching the Driver App with features like messaging and navigation, ensuring continuous innovation and alignment with the evolving needs of both the company and its drivers.

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