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Optibus for Public Transportation Operators

Better Driver Relations, Better Costs & Business Growth

In a changing world of mobility, operators need the technology and software that enable them to modernize and stay ahead of the curve, offering a competitive service. Operators need to be able to quickly bid for and win tenders; adjust routes and offerings and stay competitive and modern, meeting various service level agreements, such as requirements for on-time performance.

At the same time, operators need the technology infrastructure that supports next-generation services, with better routes, timetables, service levels – to bring in the next wave of innovation, frequency and reliability.

A next generation platform

Easily reduce costs by accurately modelling your transportation network, create optimal routes, timetables and vehicle schedules as well as improve working conditions for driver retention. Check many scenarios until you settle on the optimal one, or check what-if scenarios and immediately see the business implications. Use the power of Optibus to quickly bid for and win new business.

Why Optibus?

  • First cloud-native system with advanced optimization and artificial intelligence – better software for better control as well as ability to attract and train scheduling talent
  • Quick and accurate results
  • Use AI for on-time performance and prepare for a more data driven scheduling process
  • Constant innovation that is deployed to all users, such as dealing with electric vehicles and more

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This in-depth guide is intended to help your organization learn how to tackle driver shortages head-on — with solutions on how you can better accommodate your drivers’ unique needs and preferences and how to create schedules that attract and retain drivers and overall increase driver happiness.

This year marks

Optibus' tenth anniversary!

We invite you to explore our history in our interactive “Optibus universe”. 

Learn more about our evolution and accomplishments over the last decade.