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Optibus for Consultancies

Enhance your advisory services with customized transportation solutions

Public transportation is changing rapidly. Your clients expect world-class guidance on navigating new trends, be it digitalization, on-demand services, or vehicle electrification, and innovative solutions for staying competitive while increasing the sustainability, efficiency, and equity of their services.

Optibus’ software platform helps consultancies deliver industry-leading advisory services, including feasibility and decarbonization studies, cost analyses, and infrastructure realization, backed by a robust combination of artificial intelligence, advanced optimization algorithms and distributed cloud computing.

The Optibus Advantage

  • Speed: One of the fastest solutions on the market, Optibus reduces work processes from days to just minutes. With time and resources saved, your team can invest in new initiatives, conduct more assessments, and complete more projects.
  • Accuracy: Validate results, reduce errors, and streamline complex queries, such as return on investment (ROI) analysis and business cases.
  • Transparency: Optibus’ striking KPI dashboard visualizations make it easy to discover and understand complex issues impacting business metrics, like the financial value of electric versus diesel buses.
  • Real-world analysis: Supplement theoretical analysis of complex transportation modeling with Optibus’ operational, practical approach to demonstrating real-life results.
  • End-to-End: Optibus encompasses everything from routes, timetables, crew and vehicle schedules, rotas, and relief vehicles in one easy-to-use, unified system. No duplicate efforts, data integration challenges, decentralization issues, or complex multi-step optimizations. 
  • Electric vehicle management: Evaluate the true cost of eBus ownership, reduce emissions, and support operations. Optibus’ EV management software eliminated eleven million tons of CO2 emissions in 2021 and is used by clients including Metbus (the largest EV fleet in the Americas), Stagecoach, and AVTA.

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This year marks

Optibus' tenth anniversary!

We invite you to explore our history in our interactive “Optibus universe”. 

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