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Revolutionizing Public Transportation: Lessons Learned from Digital Transformation in Other Industries

In this webinar we feature industry leaders from Australia as they share their insights and expertise on the importance of digital transformation in the public transport industry, and what lessons we can learn from digitization in other industries.

  • Catherine Rooney, Executive Director for Strategy, Innovation and Data Insights, DoT Victoria
  • Rita Excell, Head of Transport ANZ, AWS
  • Russ Yell, Regional Director ANZ, Optibus
  • Sarah Forbes, Director, Commercial Solutions, Volvo Buses

We will explore challenges in different sectors and how the public transport industry can address similar issues like data utilization, fragmented ecosystems, integration gaps, and user experience.

We’ll also provide public transport operators and agencies with strategies for navigating these challenges through digital transformation.
Join us to learn how digital transformation can help the public transport industry overcome these challenges and improve efficiency, safety, and customer satisfaction.

The webinar concludes with a Q&A between the audience and panel.

Original webinar date: Monday, July 24, 2023

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