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Exploring Optibus’ AI Predictive Runtimes Technology

Webinar AI Predictive Runtimes Demo

Join us for a dynamic webinar where we’ll unveil the power behind Optibus’ AI-driven Predictive Runtimes. This session is perfect for professionals in the government and public utility sectors seeking to enhance their public transportation systems with the latest in technology. Experience a live demo of our groundbreaking technology, learn how it can revolutionize your operations by ensuring punctuality without solely relying on past data, and have your questions answered by our experts.


Who should attend?

  • Leaders and managers in the public transportation domain, including CEOs, CTOs, Operations, IT, and Procurement Managers.
  • Transportation Planners, Schedulers, and those dedicated to improving passenger services
  • Government and public utility officials aiming to boost their transit system’s efficiency and reliability


Learning Points:

  • Experience AI in Action for Public Transportation: See firsthand how AI predicts and improves scheduling, leading to more reliable public transportation.
  • Data-Driven Decision Making Live: Watch a live demonstration on creating and validating optimal schedules through AI, achieving your on-time performance goals with precision.
  • Innovative Planning with AI: Discover through our demo how to quickly and effectively optimize routes, even without historical data, leveraging AI for unparalleled operational efficiency.


This interactive webinar will not only showcase our technology but also provide a platform for you to engage with our experts, ensuring you leave with a deep understanding of how Optibus can transform your transit operations.

Original webinar date: Thursday, March 28, 2024

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This year marks

Optibus' tenth anniversary!

We invite you to explore our history in our interactive “Optibus universe”. 

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