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Creating Trust in Public Transportation: How Technology Can Positively Impact the Passenger Experience

When there is no way back, we must shape the way forward. Over the past three years ridership has plummeted worldwide. Ridership patterns have changed and service delivery processes in the past are not sufficient to meet passenger expectations.

The way forward is to think differently, act differently and offer services aligned to ridership needs. This starts with trust. We have to convince people that public transportation is the better choice by making every journey convenient, comfortable, safe and reliable.

We can build trust in public transportation by using the latest technology to our advantage. How can artificial intelligence contribute? Why are uniform data formats important? What is behind the abbreviations OTP, TTO, GTFS and why do we need them? How can technology help make public transportation the first choice?

Join industry leaders from North America and Europe Jameson Auten (CEO, Lane Transit District), Lorna Murphy (Operations & HR Director, Abellio London), Waiching Wong (Director of Customer Success NA, Optibus), and Dave Joshua (GM EMEA, Optibus), as they weigh in on these questions.

The webinar concludes with a Q&A between the audience and panel.

Original webinar date: Wednesday, June 21, 2023

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