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The State of Digital Transformation in Public Transportation – 5 Key Takeaways for 2024 and Beyond

As part of its annual industry survey, Optibus polled transportation practitioners around the world to assess the scale, maturity, and impact of digitalization across the public transportation industry.

Planners, schedulers, executives, dispatchers, IT professionals, and more from diverse employer backgrounds across 34 countries participated in the survey.

This comprehensive analysis sheds light on current digitalization initiatives, concerns, and successes shaping the future of public transportation. From operational and cost efficiency to passenger satisfaction, discover how the industry’s collective drive towards modernization is setting new standards, and learn how to make the most of your digital transformation.


Download the report to garner insights, including:

  • What percentage of the industry is in the process of digital transformation, and how far along they are in that journey
  • Differences in digital maturity between private operators and public agencies  
  • How digital skills and operational continuity are impacting digitalization
  • The common denominator amongst respondents who described their digital transformation as “successful”
  • The top challenges going into 2024


Whether you’re a decision-maker, a strategist, or simply passionate about the future of public transportation, the “Optibus Industry Report 2024” offers valuable insights to guide your next steps.

Download your copy today and steer your strategies towards a more efficient, satisfying, and sustainable direction.

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