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Make Mobility Better

We're super passionate about mass transportation and the technology it takes to transform it.

We're also a super fun place to work - join us!

We’re passionate about mobility

Our vision is to be the technology engine behind better and more efficient means of mass transportation, making it the first choice for passengers and cities alike. It’s super-exciting to be part of this change, affecting cities and the people that live in them, and to actually see the difference we make to the world.

We’re excited about technology

We love having a good time

We’re a well-funded startup that’s quickly becoming a leader in the space – and our culture reflects this: we like fun and super smart people, and we’re pretty serious about making mass transit radically better.

We're committed to diversity, inclusion and equality

We focus on creating a diverse environment where different people can feel comfortable, included, equal and wanted. Our product’s impact analysis tool ensures cities plan transportation with an eye to fairness and inclusion, we’re also proud to work on the UN’s Sustainable Development Goal number 11, and our support of causes such as LGBT rights (we received the 2020 Rainbow Ally Award from LGBTech) ensures the message gets across to all our employees.

Hop on the bus with us

This year marks

Optibus' tenth anniversary!

We invite you to explore our history in our interactive “Optibus universe”. 

Learn more about our evolution and accomplishments over the last decade.