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Optibus for Public Transportation Agencies

Better Passenger Service and Increasing Ridership

In a changing world of mobility, transportation agencies need the technology and software that will enable them to modernize and stay ahead of the curve. Specifically, agencies need to deal with declining budgets, driver/operator shortages, ridership declines, improving on-time performance and more.

At the same time, agencies need the technology infrastructure that will power innovative next-generation services, with better routes, timetables, service levels – to grow frequency and reliability, leading to eventual ridership gains.

Trillium Transit Alerts

Your passengers need accurate, up-to-date information in the places they look first. With Transit Alerts by Trillium (an Optibus company), you can easily:

  • Communicate with your passengers in real time, to notify them about service disruptions, detours, long wait times, and more — thus increasing passenger satisfaction
  • Alert passengers in Google Maps and other applications that use the GTFS-realtime specification — and build upon your existing GTFS feed
  • Integrate with your social media, website, and other platforms to spread your message across a wider audience
  • Save significant time and effort on IT and infrastructure, as well as customer support resources

Trillium Transit Websites

Looking to redesign or enhance your website? Our talented team of developers and designers can help you:

  • Build a dynamic, accessible, and visually appealing website for your passengers that provides your passengers all the crucial, up-to-date information they need
  • Easily integrate your site with Transit Alerts, plus other tools and services (Timetables, Interactive Maps, Journey Planner, etc.)
  • Incorporate route maps and timetables that update automatically with your GTFS data
  • Update your logo and branding — whether it’s a small change or a full rebranding

Route planning demo

Scheduling demo

This year marks

Optibus' tenth anniversary!

We invite you to explore our history in our interactive “Optibus universe”. 

Learn more about our evolution and accomplishments over the last decade.