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Case Study

Optibus makes daily operations easier for Via Ouro managers

水曜日, 12月 22, 2021


State-of-the-art technology doesn’t have to be complicated to use. 

Optibus, a software platform that optimizes mass transportation operations, combines a user-friendly dashboard with the most technologically advanced tools for helping transportation agencies and operators plan bus routes, schedule lines, and create the optimal driver and vehicle rosters. 

Using advanced optimization algorithms and artificial intelligence (AI), Optibus allows users to quickly implement service changes in the face of any unforeseen events affecting their services. This enables better usage of vehicle resources and personnel hours, resulting in reduced expenses and increased productivity without any added work for those who work directly with the platform.

The Onboarding Process

Via Ouro, an urban transportation operator in Nova Lima, Minas Gerais, Brazil, began using Optibus in early 2021. It did not take long to see positive results.

“When they told us that we would be working with [Optibus]…I started to imagine a very complicated technology. But, with the training offered by Optibus, we started to realize how intelligent the system is and how much it makes our daily operations easier,” said Sydnei Márcio Silva, Traffic Coordinator at Via Ouro.

Matheus Philipe de Moura, Via Ouro’s Logistics Assistant, works alongside Sydnei and agreed that the system is very user-friendly. 

“I didn’t find it difficult to use the platform,” Matheus said. “The support offered by the Optibus staff was fundamental for us to learn how to make the most out of this technology. This is a very comprehensive tool, and the training has stimulated my curiosity about the platform and how to learn more.”

The Impact of Optimization and Digital Tools

Sydnei, who started his career as a fare collector and is now studying logistics, says that all of Via Ouro’s planning and scheduling work was previously done using manual processes.

“The biggest benefit of Optibus’ solution is the fleet optimization. Before, we had many buses that were idling unused at stops and terminals. Today, we are able to optimize our resource usage and reallocate buses to reduce idleness,” said Sydnei.

Like many Brazilian operators, Via Ouro’s challenges stem from heavy traffic and congestion in the region and the unpredictability of daily operations. 

The pandemic was an especially challenging period, when ridership dropped 70% across the majority of public transportation providers. 

Optibus makes it possible to align service supply and demand, increase efficiency, and increase schedule frequency during peak ridership hours and on popular routes. The platform is based in the cloud, enabling colleagues to collaborate even in remote work situations, and the easy-to-use interface enables users of all backgrounds to master the platform. 

This year marks

Optibus' tenth anniversary!

We invite you to explore our history in our interactive “Optibus universe”. 

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