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Operations Management Made Easy: Maximizing Contract Compliance and Passenger Experience

Join our webinar and live demo to learn how real-time control over schedules, fleet monitoring, and driver communication can significantly boost your business, and improve service reliability and passenger satisfaction.

For public transportation operators (PTOs), managing and operating their networks requires a lot of effort and time. Now, with the integration between the Optibus Platform and iPanel from our partner Datik, the process is made easy!

  • Achieve Operational Excellence in Real-Time: Gain immediate insights into traffic, disruptions, and safety, thereby enhancing service quality and compliance.
  • Enhance Communication and Incident Management: Discover ways to improve driver experience through better communication and effective incident management.
  • Improve Passengers Experience: Explore strategies to enhance service reliability, shorten wait times, provide reliable information, prevent crowding, and reduce complaints.



  • Craig Nelson, Market Development Director, Optibus
  • Inigo Odriozola, Co-founder and CEO, Datik


Who should attend:

  • Senior leaders and managers in public transportation
  • Transportation planners, schedulers, dispatchers, operators.
  • Government officials focused on improving transportation networks


In our webinar, we will showcase a demo of the seamless integration of Optibus with our partner Datik, highlighting its ability to simplify reporting to authorities, operations management, and fleet monitoring—all in one unified, intuitive platform.


Original webinar date: Monday, June 3, 2024

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