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Optibus On-Time Analytics

Got Transit Data? Get Insights & Make it Better

Transit operations generate massive amounts of data, from AVL systems, ticketing systems and more. While these are used for reporting, mainly to analyze On Time Performance, this data can be further visualized and analyzed to deliver valuable operational insights. These insights, in turn, become valuable operational improvements for planners and schedulers.

Instant insight, Instant focus

Optibus supports deep analytics across all your transit data:
  • Understand on-time performance percentage across all your schedule – from the entire schedule and down to the single timepoint. 
  • Advanced filtering for each route, direction, pattern, and each stop within each trip
  • Investigate & understand changes in on-time performance for different date periods, weekdays, and times of day
  • Detect performance issues, and drill down to identify their root cause

Instant Changes, Immediate Action

Optibus analytics doesn’t just show your current state – it can also generate travel time adjustments that will support your On Time Performance goals. 

You can download new travel times and begin your planning cycle with accurate data and a high likelihood of on-time performance success.

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