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Press Release

Optibus selected as a regional winner for ESNC 2016

Netanya, Israel – October 26, 2016 – Optibus announced today it had been selected as a 2016 Regional European Satellite Navigation Competition (ESNC) winner, a prestigious award for innovation in using satellite technology to help improve everyday life.

ESNC is a leading global network of innovation and expertise in the field of Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS), with annual search for new services, products, and business innovations in this sector, designed to encourage the use of satellite navigation in everyday life.

Optibus was selected to represent the Israeli region, out of dozens of innovative companies and products.In its application, Optibus presented the latest addition to its portfolio – Optibus OnTime™ – A revolutionary solution for predicting bus delays and addressing them in real-time, before they become a problem for bus operators and passengers.

Gady Shlasky, Optibus CEO, commented: “We are humbled to be selected as the regional winners and be included in the prestigious list of innovative GNSS companies in Europe. Optibus OnTime™ sets the bar very high, as it uses very sophisticated optimization technology for making public transportation work for the passengers. This is our contribution to the much needed trend of making public transportation the preferred option for more and more people, reducing the congestion and pollution in our cities”.

This year’s final event took place in Madrid, Spain, where the regional winners representatives presented their innovative solutions.

The 2016 ESNC regional award is yet another testimonial to Optibus’ growth and success. The company, which develops and markets sophisticated optimization solutions for public transportation operators and agencies, recently won major contracts with bus and tram operators in Europe and North America, generating increasing Monthly Recurring Revenues (MRR). Customers who use the Optibize™ technology experience significant Operating Expenses (OPEX) reduction and improved efficiency by utilizing the drivers and vehicles in the most optimal way.

This year marks

Optibus' tenth anniversary!

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