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Electric Vehicles Management Software

Electric Vehicles are the way of the future.

Yet, they present non-trivial planning and scheduling requirements such as charging times, location, and battery levels. These must be taken into account, otherwise sub-optimal plans will require additional vehicles and drivers, requiring the addition of fossil-fuel-powered vehicles to preserve capacity. This is where Optibus comes in handy, with specialized Electric Vehicle Scheduling, using EV-specific metrics to create the most integrated and optimal operational and charging plan.

A next-generation planning platform for your electric fleet's needs.

Easily define charging times, locations and minimum battery levels and immediately get a schedule that’s optimized for electric vehicles. We’ll also support you with Optibus best practices and Optibus Customer Success resources.

Optimizing schedules for Electric Vehicles makes it easier to operate EV routes, meet regulatory requirements and bid for new EV business.

Why use Optibus as your Electric Vehicles management tool?

  • Easily express rules and preferences related to battery use, charging requirements and more
  • Create an accurate operational schedule that includes the optimal charging times and locations
  • Valuable access to pre-defined battery and EV Optibus Customer Success best practices
  • Integrate with and iterate schedules based on EV battery data

Charging for electric buses

Optibus provides advanced tools to manage and optimize charging for electric bus fleets. 

Our platform schedules charging sessions to reduce downtime and peak electricity costs, ensuring buses are ready for service. This enhances operational efficiency and supports sustainable energy practices, facilitating a smooth transition to electric buses.

Charging Station Management

Optibus’ electric vehicle management software offers comprehensive charging station management, including real-time monitoring, usage analytics, and predictive maintenance. It optimizes charger placement, manages access, and coordinates charging schedules to minimize downtime and avoid peak electricity rates, ensuring efficient and reliable operation of electric fleets for a seamless transition to sustainable transportation.

Electric Vehicle Energy Management System?=

An Electric Vehicle Energy Management System (EVEMS) is a cloud-based tool that optimizes power distribution for EV charging infrastructures. It uses advanced algorithms to balance dynamic electricity grid supplies, energy costs, and preconfigured policies. This ensures efficient energy use, meeting the needs of EV owners while minimizing costs and peak demand strain. 

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This year marks

Optibus' tenth anniversary!

We invite you to explore our history in our interactive “Optibus universe”. 

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